Since 1960, we have conducted business through one or more of our affiliated companies, including Thrifty Oil Co., Golden Springs Development Company, LLC, and Best California Gas, Ltd., among others.

With the growth and evolution of our diversified real estate business, we have established our new management company, The Orden Company, LLC. Our name pays homage to our late founders, Ted and Hedy Orden, and their values. The Ordens survived the Holocaust, immigrated to the U.S., and established our business on the bedrock of honesty, integrity, customer service of the highest caliber, and loyalty to our clients and employees. Adopting the namesake of our late founders is intended to inspire continuity of their legacy as a family-owned business and reflects our diverse business interests and forward-looking strategy.

The Orden Company, based in Santa Fe Springs, California, provides acquisition, development, construction and property management, accounting, finance, legal, and administration services on behalf of all of our affiliated companies.

Orden is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a significant and diversified portfolio of state-of-the-art industrial warehouses, industrial outdoor storage facilities, office buildings, multi-family assets, retail centers, convenience stores and gas stations, billboards, solar panels, and other assets. All are primarily located in Southern California and Georgia.

We remain focused on developing and acquiring industrial related and other select asset types in our target markets for our affiliated companies. We take a long-term approach to real estate and invest in high quality projects that are welcomed in communities. Our organization has established valuable relationships with seasoned and knowledgeable consultants, government agencies, and city officials.

Generally, we develop and acquire assets using our internal affiliated resources with no financing or similar contingencies.